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Posted by crizlai On November - 23 - 2013

The participating bloggers in the recent HGW Penang Food Trail 2013 were treated to a surprise prize giving dinner at a hidden eatery spot in Penang yesterday. Not knowing where their dining venue would be or for what occasion was the dinner celebrated upon, the bloggers were led to an open air eatery deep into the densely populated residential area of Green Lane, Penang. Ta Da! Dinner was served.

HGWPRIZE01 photo HGWPRIZE01_zps84a0666e.jpg

Let’s have a closer look at all the delicious dishes served here.

HGWPRIZE02 photo HGWPRIZE02_zpsa2fb6083.jpg

HGWPRIZE03 photo HGWPRIZE03_zpsa6212a08.jpg

HGWPRIZE04 photo HGWPRIZE04_zps80051fc7.jpg

HGWPRIZE05 photo HGWPRIZE05_zpsbc7a565c.jpg

HGWPRIZE06 photo HGWPRIZE06_zps8e145759.jpg

HGWPRIZE07 photo HGWPRIZE07_zps062f501d.jpg

HGWPRIZE08 photo HGWPRIZE08_zpsd890b676.jpg

Finally, the purpose of gathering all the bloggers was revealed to them. It was an occasion to celebrate the winning of two best blog posts for the HGW Penang Food Trail 2013 event. With a panel of judges from HGW Singapore, the winners were decided. The winning entry for the Best Blog Post went to Mr. Henry Tan, whereas the 2nd Best Blog Post went to Ms. Jerilyn See. Each of them won a 1T External Hard Disc and a 12000mah Power Bank respectively.

HGWPRIZE09 photo HGWPRIZE09_zps06aeb0b8.jpg

HGWPRIZE10 photo HGWPRIZE10_zps27c8fd72.jpg

Though it was just a simple gathering for the bloggers, everyone went home contented with the food choices for the night. It won’t be hard for you to decide where would be the ideal place to dine in Penang. You might even find some hidden eateries you have yet to discover. All you have to do is download the HungryGoWhere Malaysia mobile app through IOS (version 5+) or Android (version 4.0+) or pay a visit to their website at Being a nation with rich and diverse food culture, HGW Malaysia users would get to gain new experiences in searching, discovering and locating the best dishes and eateries within a 10-30km radius. It would even be greater if you were to register yourself as one of the many users, a smart move to leave your tracks behind to recommend more new eateries to other users. After all, HGW Malaysia is a platform by users, for users, to archive pure and unbiased recommendations. HungryGoWhere Malaysia – Discover, Eat, Share today!


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