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If you think that made to order dim sum would only be available in hotel-class restaurants, you would be in for a surprise. One of Penang’s newest food court, Viva Local Food Haven (formerly Golden Horse Food Court) has just launched its newest dim sum kitchen, Viva Dim Sum Delight (東城點心) on 10 August 2010. The main objective of the outlet opening is to provide more quality and affordable priced dim sum within the reach of the public. In fact, most of their ingredients were Hong Kong based imports.


Let’s have a look at how reasonable those delicacies are from the menu. There would be over 30 variety of items for you to choose from, ranging from steamed, deep fried to stir fried food. Click on the photo below for a larger view.


To start the fiesta, we had the Traditional Steamed Glutinous Rice (古法糯米雞-RM3.80). There was a strong hint that the glutinous rice was flavorfully stir fried prior to steaming with precooked chunks of chicken, Chinese sausage and BBQ pork (char siew). The whole combination was quite fine except I still prefer mine to have a few Chinese mushrooms and wrapped in lotus leaves for that extra flavor.


The next was the Crispy Dragon Roll (香脆升龍卷-RM3.80). This is indeed the gigantic version of the usual prawn roll, with larger prawns too. It was served on a bed of the chef’s specially created mayo sauce with a hint of mustard added. It was a nice combo deal.


When I thought I could only get the Shanghainese Meat Dumpling (小籠包-RM4.80) from posh restaurants, I was surprised by the next presentation. What? 3 Xiao Long Bao at that price when others are double or triple fold that pricing? The soup within each dumpling was indeed abundant and tasty. When combined with the provided ginger strips in black vinegar, it was heaven! The only fallback was the amount of meat inside. One can’t complain for the price paid right?


There was also a manual showing the right way to consume the dumpling without spilling all over your body. Cute!


What would be dim sum without some beautifully created and tasty buns? The chefs sure know how to tempt the taste buds of their patrons with their delicious sweet and savory buns. One such product would be their recommended Steamed Bun with Butter Cream & Egg Yolk (特制流沙包-RM4.80). Indeed it was the best bun I had in ages. Even the texture of the bun was remarkably smooth and fine. A small nibble at the side saw a large flow of golden egg yolk colored cream oozing out furiously. Well, there’s a skill in consuming this bun as well without drowning your fingers in sweetness. The method of eating is just like the Xiao Long Bao stated above.


There was such a term as “sweetness will come in pairs”. The next bun which was Steamed Bun with Premium Lotus Paste and Egg Yolk (蛋皇蓮蓉包-RM3.80) was a double happiness. It had a lot of finely ground lotus paste and a big salted egg yolk. A bit sweet for my liking but having 3 buns as a set would surely please those sweet lovers.


Next was the Steamed Bun with Supreme Barbequed Pork (蜜汁叉燒包-RM3.80). The overall taste was nice except that it was a bit too dry to my liking. I prefer to have mine with some added toasted sesame seeds mixed with the ingredients too.


The next set of buns got all the “wives” rolling their eyes at their “husbands”. How dare you touch these Shanghainese “Mistress” Bun (上海二奶包-RM4.80)? Just look at that shape! Don’t you think they do resemble something? LOL! Anyway, these buns have some nice custard-like buttery cream within.


You could also get some savory type of buns with some sweet crust on the surface – Baked Hong Kong Style Polo Bun (香港菠蘿包-RM3.80). Each bun would be filled with some barbeque pork slices.


Do also check out with the staff there on their weekend specials. One of the specials we had was the Scallop and Fish Roe Dumpling (鳳眼帶子餃). I would say this was one of the great fusion combinations as the dumpling was filled with large prawns, topped with fresh scallop and garnished with fish roe, spring onion stalk and a leaf of coriander.


Another of the weekend specials was the Dragon Whiskers Roll (龍鬚卷). Sweet indeed and it had a rather unique combination of filling. The deep fried delicacy was filled with blended avocado, custard cream, butter and wrapped with a type of rice noodles. Those sweet tooth lovers would surely love this crispy product.


If you are driving from town towards Batu Ferringhi beach area, you would pass by Island Plaza shopping mall on your right. Drive all the way until you meet with a curve. You would see a traffic light (UDA Flats on your right). The food court is actually a bit further up on your right but you need to make a U-turn to reach the venue. So, drive on and keep to your right until you see the next traffic lights (Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel on your right). Make a U-turn until you see the Chinese Swimming Club on your left. Immediately after the building you would see a lane on your left (Jalan C M Hashim leading to Naza Hotel). Turn left and you would the food court on your right with ample parking space behind.


Address: Lot 303, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 6.00am-2.00pm
Contact: 604-890 2549
GPS: 5.462813, 100.305056

Ambience: 7/10 (1-4 cheap, 5-7 average, 8-10 classy)
Food Choices: 8/10 (1-4 limited, 5-7 average, 8-10 many choices)
Taste: 7.5/10 (1-4 tasteless, 5-7 average, 8-10 excellent)
Pricing: 7.5/10 (1-4 cheap, 5-7 average, 8-10 expensive)
Service: 8/10 (1-4 bad, 5-7 average, 8-10 excellent)


  1. Steven Goh says:

    I love the Shanghainese Meat Dumpling, it is so juicy and delicious. I would take 3 plates per person. 🙂 Btw, the price list is overlapping your page dee.

    Same here… if only there were more meaty bites. Errr… Chrome coding error. Settle! Thanks

  2. Duckie says:

    Went to the food court few weeks back. Noticed a dim sum shop, but it was still under renovation. Will definitely go for a try soon!

    Do check the time please… not available for dinner.

  3. Your photos make me drooling now (*.^)

    Haha.. LOL Jocel! You would drool at anything anyway… LOL!

  4. Cheryl says:

    This was another nice review I missed?! OMG~ You guys are making me dread my job now for having to work in weekends 🙁

    Aww… better change job so can eat more… LOL!

  5. Christy says:

    I definitely want to try this place, running out of dim sum haunts =P

    Do check out some of the recommended dishes. They are real good. 🙂

  6. cariso says:

    I love the prawn & fish roe dumpling and the dragon whisker roll!

    Same here except that the dragon whiskers roll was a bit sweet for me but I love that unique combination.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Huge DISAPPOINTMENT!! Service was terrible and people were actually fighting for food from the counters! At 10ish, most of the items on the menu were unavailable.

    Left out of sheer frustration & disappointment.

    Whether I’ll go back .. it depends!

    I’m sorry to hear about your disappointment Rebecca. The eatery is still new and shorthanded but they are doing all they can to make your dining there more comfortable in the near future. To upkeep their food quality since most of their ingredients are Hong Kong imports, they have to omit certain items on the menu if they do not have available stocks. I hope you can understand that.

    As for fighting for food at the counter, I’m rather surprised. It’s supposed to be a “make to order” dim sum outlet just like those in 5-star hotel where they would make fresh dim sum for you and yet the public is behaving as if it’s those easily available dim sum counters scattered all over Penang. I guessed most Penangites still do not have the patience to wait for their queues to savor freshly handmade dim sum.

  8. Michelle says:

    The service is as per said above, self service but those food not available and need to be made to order, the waitress will send it to our table later. This I reckon as not bad… the food is good and if you are not too fussy, this is a good place to have dim sum…

    But definitely don’t go at 6am because most the workers won’t be available yet cause this is my experience last Saturday. I went there around 6.45am, the place is set up but no food yet caused most of the employees are not there to prepare it yet. I was asked to come back at 7am ++

    The next trip I made was on Sunday. This time, a little later around 8am++. My only disappointment is that the menu is just one. When I reached the counter, I don’t really know what to order as the menu has been taken away from the counter to be served to another person…. since not many variety of food is on display, I was only able to eat a small sum of variety displayed on the counter.

    Overall, everything is satisfactory…and I definitely will go back again to try on other variety of food I missed.

    Thanks for highlighting all the problems you had encountered. At least more people are aware of the services.

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