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Penang has quite a number of records in the Malaysian Book of Records and this yummy Chinese Cruller or Fried Bread Stick (You Tiao) from Te Chang You Tiao Wang (Extra Long Chinese Cruller King) could well fall into one of the category as being the longest (as I know) in Malaysia. This crunchy golden brown, deep fried strip of dough was about 14” long, one and the half times the length of a normal You Tiao selling elsewhere.


Even a specially designed aluminum stove had to be constructed to ensure evenly spread heat to cook this dessert.


At present, there are only two types of crullers available at the stall, the extra long cruller (RM1 each) and the Black & White Sesame Twins (3 for RM2). The Black & White Sesame Twins is quite similar to Ma Keok (Horse Shoe Shaped Sweetened Crullers) except that they were kneaded differently with black and white sesame seeds sprinkled on them.


It was not the extra long crullers that impressed me but the fusion of what it had become today. I could not have imagined that they can be stuffed with so many different combinations and yet tasted great. Would you love to try out Stuffed Cruller with Meat Floss and Mayonnaise (RM2.50)?


Stuffed Cruller with Tuna Mayonnaise was my favorite. Selling at RM2.50, it had tuna flakes mixed with mayonnaise, chopped onions, cabbages and carrots. Simply crunchy and delicious!


You can even have Stuffed Cruller with Sausage and Mayonnaise (RM3). This would be a favorite for children.


There were actually a few other sweeter combinations for you to choose. Each set would cost you only RM2. They are Kaya & Butter, Honey & Butter and Peanut & Butter. Instead of having one long cruller with one filling, I opted for the Mixed Cruller which has half meat floss and half tuna mayonnaise (RM2.50).


On top of that, they have Black Soy Bean Milk at only RM1. The crullers are best taken when they are fresh and crispy. Leaving them too long with the mayonnaise stuffing would not ensure their crispiness.

If you are coming from Jalan Air Itam (near Kek Lok Si Temple) towards Jalan Paya Terubong, you would pass by SJK (Cina) Kong Ming 2 on your right and then East Coast Seafood Restaurant on your left. The stall is just a bit further up on your right before the Lintang Paya Terubong/Jalan Paya Terubong traffic lights. In fact, it is just next to the Paya Terubong Lao Foo Zhi Bak Kut Teh stall. This extra long Chinese cruller originated from Kuala Perlis. They are the main supplier of You Tiao to one of the famous seafood restaurants there. You could even try them out at their main branch in Kuala Perlis, Perlis, Malaysia.


Branch Address: 1250-A, Jalan Paya Terubong, 11060 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact: 016-433 7301 (Mr. TH Tan)
Main Branch Address: 76, Jalan Sarawak, 02000 Kuala Perlis, Perlis, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 6.00am-5.00pm (Closed Alternate Tuesday)
GPS: 5.394222, 100.276417

Ambience: 6/10 (1-4 cheap, 5-7 average, 8-10 classy)
Food Choices: 6/10 (1-4 limited, 5-7 average, 8-10 many choices)
Taste: 7.5/10 (1-4 tasteless, 5-7 average, 8-10 excellent)
Pricing: 6/10 (1-4 cheap, 5-7 average, 8-10 expensive)
Service: 8/10 (1-4 bad, 5-7 average, 8-10 excellent)


22 Responses to “TE CHANG YOU TIAO WANG”

  1. wow….. passed by this few days ago but not opened. Will go and try out this as a snack soon. lol

    I think you missed them as they are closed on alternate Tuesday 😛

  2. cariso says:

    Oily…..i am out. 🙂

    I knew that you were going to say that.. haha 😛

  3. Wow.. atr thing AKi Pancake thing! Mayb I should start this in KL ASAP..jump on the bandwagon of J Co, Chewy Jrs..ahaha.. almond sprinkled, choco coated, cream filled..

    Don’t forget to get me as the consultant.. LOL~

  4. Selba says:

    Whoaaaa… how nice you tiao with stuffing… We called “You tiao” as “Cakwe” in Indonesia and it’s usually only eaten with sweet sour chilli sauce 🙂

    There are many names for You Tiao which is widely used in Chinese cuisine. You Tiao is in Mandarin, You Char Kway in Hokkien, Yau Ja Gwai in Cantonese, Chinese Cruller or Fried Bread Stick in English, Patongkoh in Thai, Cakoi in Malay, E Kya Kway in Burmese, etc. Normally, we have these stuffed with minced meat and prawns or fish paste and deep fried again. After being cut into smaller pieces, there would be mayonnaise as topping. 🙂

  5. allie says:

    wah! Keng! I want to eat long you tiao!
    Aiya… you should ta pao some for me.. hehe..

    I’ll get the you tiao next time but you must provide the “kopi o kao”.. haha. 😛

  6. PenangTuaPui says:

    hmmm…… i would prefer plain one….. with my KOPI O…. yum yum

    What a coincidence.. I was just telling Allie about my preference . 😛


  8. Girl says:

    I have tried this out unintendedly during my trip to penang last months. As we all know, “you tiao” can be found anywhere, nothing special, but I was so attracted by the name given. Once tried, I would say, they r superb, especially the black n white sesame twins, n that one stuff with tuna. My 2 yrs old son also raise his thumb up n say good. After this trip, i wouldnt buy other’s “you tiao” anymore in kl .

    Well.. that what I thought so too. Value for money for such a long you tiao and yummy. 🙂

  9. keivin says:

    wow,its unbelievable!Never seen such a long ‘you tiao’ before…..EVERYONE must have a try!

    Haha… too impressive? LOL!

  10. keivin says:

    I just notice that the main branch is at KUALA PERLIS!Wow,i feel so proud because eventually our ‘PERLIS MADE FOOD’ can become famous all around the Malaysia!EVERYONE if u go to Perlis U must go there to have a TRY!

    You must be from Perlis then… haha 😛

  11. This is real long. Never seen so long 1. I think can put to malaysia book of record. I am not sure can finish that stick in one shot.

    Don’t worry, we can always share.. you will only need to pay for it… haha 😛

  12. papajoneh says:

    i want this… before i stop viewing yer blog. this is too much. i love this.. i always buy here. and just dip on my nescafe.. hahahaha..imagine the taste.. pengsan.. only me can eat it. RM2 only… so damn cheap.
    ok i stop here.. or else.. pengsan…

    What nescafe? That would be best taken with thick local coffee black or nyonya perut ikan 😛

  13. Bell says:

    OMG! I love crullers! Pity can’t get them here…. there’s a Cambodian/Vietnamese version that’s very breaddy rather than the crispy hollow goodness that’s the “you tiao” I love so much. I would make them but I don’t have the ingredients required 🙁

    Are you hinting something here? Hehe… Hmmm… maybe you can start a craze over there i Switzerland with You Tiao and Black Coffee 😛

  14. ck lam says:

    would like to try this crullers to taste the difference.

  15. NKOTB says:

    wow – LONG!!!

    Haha.. that’s the word for it. 🙂

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  17. WEN says:

    emm…. my me i will try soon.
    coz now im sick d~~ T-T

    Aww… poor Wen. Take more herbal tea and you would be in tip top condition to savor as many as you want. 🙂

  18. Vivian Wong says:

    I just tried it yesterday, it was fantastic!!! Yummy!!

    I’m glad you enjoyed them Vivian. Do drop by more for more of the latest happenings in Penang. 🙂

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  20. Tony says:

    Omg … would surely like to try that… got DHL bo … to Singapore …
    :@ )~

    Hmm.. maybe you can get the boss to make the crullers and freeze them for you to bring to Singapore but do you have such a long wok to fry them?? 😛

  21. Chris says:

    Penang has te chang you tiao wang, Kuching has Bee J you tiao too! Yum!

    Thanks for dropping by Chris. 🙂

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