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Posted by crizlai On February - 13 - 2009|


Although Valentine’s Day may happen only once a year; the love, passion and romance as described ought to be enjoyed every single day. Try to make a commitment by doing something romantic at least once a week and your love will appreciate the emotional gesture throughout his or her life.

Some say the roots of Valentine’s Day are with Saint Valentine, a Roman who was killed for his faith on February 14, 269 A.D. St. Valentine’s Day happened to fall on the Roman festival of Lupercalia, a Roman festival of wolves in which men and women would choose partners for the day and celebrate fertility. Over the centuries, February 14th has become firmly associated with love, romance and sweethearts in every country around the world.

There are many traditions involved with Valentine’s Day. In most countries it is a traditional day to become engaged. In Italy, it’s a day when men and women listen to music together and share poetry. In Victorian England, elaborate Valentine’s Day cards were shared with family and friends. In Germany, flowers were definitely expected!

The key to a tradition is that it comes from the heart as Valentine’s Day is not a day to spend lavishly on meals and expensive gifts. It’s about that connection between two people, a connection that money can’t buy. It is all about showing your love how much you care deep within your heart… Let’s say with a pot of your handmade heart-shaped steamboat! 🙂


8 Responses to “VALENTINE’S DAY WISHES 2009”

  1. Happy valentine’s dear!

    Same to you dear… have a great weekend with your loved ones. 🙂

  2. Selby says:

    You are right.. when I was in Germany during a Valentine’s day.. and oh my… everywhere was flower… flower…. most of the girls on the street got flowers in their hand.

    Happy Valentine’s day to you and your loved one 🙂

    Oh… and please send my valentine’s hugs & kisses to your cute cats at home!

    Thanks Selby for the wishes. By the way, all the cats have gone out romancing, leaving me with some privacy at home.. haha 😛

  3. wow… heart shaped steamboat. Creative ah….. “Happy Valentine’s to you and your loves one”.lol

    Same to you Mary.. Remember to hug your hubby tight everyday ya 😛

  4. Duckie says:

    happy valentines to you too!!!

    Same to you Jane. Have a great weekend too. 🙂

  5. napaboaniya says:

    I dig that heart shape hotpot!!! 😛

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you 🙂

    Hey! Make your own.. hehe. Happy V Day to you too Elaine. 🙂

  6. Little Inbox says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and to your other half.

    Thanks Little Inbox. 🙂

  7. cariso says:

    Liam kee kee & sweat like hell after eating, mana romantic? 🙂

    Hmm… have you experienced the after effect of taking a hot pot on a chilly night? Both would be closer as the sweat would make us stick forever and ever.. haha 😛 That’s what so romantic about sharing a hot pot together 😛

  8. Happy V-day to you and your other half!!!

    Thanks NKOTB 🙂

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