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When you mention about Uncle Bob’s Taiwan Styled Fried Chicken (RM5), most frequent night market (pasar malam) goers would surely heard about them. Being the first to bring in this Taiwanese snack concept to Malaysia, Uncle Bob has been operating this business since 2002, spreading its mobile snack vans all over peninsular and east Malaysia. Well, being a successful pioneer in this food industry has always a drawback. More and more competitors have mushroomed all over the country plagiarizing this successful story. In fact, I had noticed that some competitors even offered more flavors than the existing original and spicy recipes Uncle Bob has.


What made Uncle Bob so successful in this business? All you can see is just a piece of chicken breast meat or boneless drumstick coated with some bread crumbs, deep fried and sprinkle with some flavoring. That’s nothing special right? What many did not notice is that those chicken meat pieces have their skins and fat removed prior to the frying process. This is a healthier version? Maybe not but at least the consumption of fat would be lesser than most of the existing fried chicken stalls around. Uncle Bob has just two flavors to their bite sized crunchy chicken cutlets, namely original and spicy. The spicy ones were the most sought after.


On top of the smooth selling product stated above, Uncle Bob has its Research & Development (R&D) group based in Taiwan to find out more products that would the local market. One of the products that launched not long ago was the Sweet Batter Coated Cheese Hot Dog Stick (RM2). It has a jumbo sized cheese filled sausage coated with a specially formulated batter and deep fried to golden brown. The end product has a sweet tasting crispy crust that tasted a bit sweeter than our local pancake (ban chang kuih) base.


The combination of the sweet and salty taste of the product complimented each other well. The best part would be squirting out some existing juice from the sausages as well as some melted cheese oozing out of your mouth. This is such a cool to snack while exploring more bargains in the night markets!


As the vans would be on the move each day, I could not provide a specific location map or GPS reading for you to track them down. Maybe a detailed venue of the night markets each day (Penang Island and Mainland) would ease you more in your food hunting expedition. Gook Luck!

Penang Area Contact: 013-4316868 (Mr. David Yong)
Penang Mobile Van Whereabouts: 016-459 4433 (Nee), 016-481 6963 (Wei)

Monday– McCallum Street (Opposite Li Tek School entrance)
Tuesday -Tanjung Bungah Market (Next to Bus Station/Market)
Wednesday– Farlim Padang, Air Itam
Thursday-Paya Terubong, Air Itam & McCallum Street (opposite market)
Friday-Taman Kheng Tian (off Van Pragh Road/Hamilton Road)
Saturday-Sungai Dua (opposite Tesco Extra)

Wednesday-Kampung Juru
Thursday-Kampung Valdor
Friday-Taman Permata
Saturday-Mega Mall Food Court (Pacific Shopping Centre) & Kuan Nam Coffee Shop (Chai Leng Park)

Please check out here for the whereabouts of the mobile vans for each state in Malaysia.

Ambience: 5/10 (1-4 cheap, 5-7 average, 8-10 classy)
Food Choices: 6/10 (1-4 limited, 5-7 average, 8-10 many choices)
Taste: 8/10 (1-4 tasteless, 5-7 average, 8-10 excellent)
Pricing: 6/10 (1-4 cheap, 5-7 average, 8-10 expensive)
Service: 8/10 (1-4 bad, 5-7 average, 8-10 excellent)


  1. I had tried the cheese filled sausage and also taiwan styled fried chicken, personally I feel that the cheese filled sausage is very unique as there are no other burger or hot dog stall that can make such coated sausage. However, the coated sausage is a bit sweet on the outer layer which seem too contrast over the taste of sausage. As for the taiwan styled fried chicken is crispy and yummy, but is not meant for taking too much else you will feel it’s too much.

    Yea.. anyone also would not be able to consume fried items too much as it still has the excess oil stuck on it. Mediocre consumption as snacks would be fine. Anyway the hot dog is unique, except for the slightly sweet coating. Well… I won’t mind taking the sweeter part first and leave the salty part as the best for last.. haha 😛

  2. Selba says:

    Wow… how nice to have night markets almost every night?

    Great new template! I really like it 😉

    Thanks Selby! It’s nice to visit one but I’m scared of going now. I could never stop eating there.. haha 😛

  3. Thanks so much providing the links even for the rest of Malaysia Criz! I was wondering how to time my trip back to Penang to run into Uncle Bob!

    Now you could with the time table all set in front of you.. hehe 😛

  4. cariso says:

    I ate before this one. The ‘non-oily’ wordings caught my eyes. 🙂

    Wow! I thought you like to watch out your health by not touching too much of fried food. It’s a surprise to me here. 😛

  5. I saw this from newspaper but have not try out yet. When I am crawing for deep fried foods, I will surely visit them. Btw you are very detail with their whereabouts. lol Good jobs!

    I had a tracking device secretly attached to their vans… Shhhh~~ Haha!!

  6. gill gill says:

    Your blog looks more organise with the new look.

    The Uncle Bob’s Chicken is up to par but too much would very jilat.

    Never try the Sausage before, thought that was another nom…will try this out.

    Well, bring your rice along next time. It might help cut down on the “jilat”ness. I have the intention to do so.. haha 😛

  7. hhehe..things looking great ard here yeh? very organised n not so “sakit mata” with too many pics jz now..

    Yea… I have limit down the photos for faster loading and try to keep it as simple as possible. Anyway, more photos will tell a better story than words but slow loading would scare more people away. So, I’ll just let my readers decide whether they want to read more or not.

  8. i like this new layout…. 🙂

    Thanks NKOTB… weeks of hard work and sleepless nights writing codes and troubleshooting bugs did help… finally… phew!! haha

  9. Little Inbox says:

    Hey, you’ve changed to this new layout. It’s well organised.

    Talking about the Taiwanese snack – deep fried chicken chop, sausage and the others, they all looks yummy, but my stomach can’t really stand for it. 🙁

    It looked like you need to take more “leong char” 😛

  10. Duckie says:

    i think this guy comes to the pasar malam at my place too!!!

    Cool… but have you try them out before and what’s your verdict? Come share here. 🙂

  11. Ah Shui says:

    I saw this before but didn’t try because it seems like sausage coated with thick flour. but after your clear introduction, I might need to try it next time.

    You should try it to see if you like it or not.

  12. mimid3vils says:

    It didn’t attract me at all when I saw this, but after ur intro I think I can have a try on it 😉

    Haha.. I guessed you must have had it served on a plate all the time. Not many people love the walk along the street and biting into a sausage. 😛

  13. uncle bob ipoh says:

    Uncle Bob Ipoh

    COMING SOON ON FEBRUARY!!! Our stall is located at Ipoh Garden, Opposite Nasmir Restaurant, Behind Tesco Ipoh Garden.

    Special Opening Promotion:

    BUY 1 FREE 1
    * Buy 1 Uncle Bob Fried Chicken FREE Potato Fries* (subject to change)

    FB : Unclebob Ipoh
    Tel : 014-3958360

  14. Nikel says:

    Alot and alot chicken lover

    Haha~ 😛

  15. […] more than the pork chop as it was more tender and juicy than the former. It was more delicious than Uncle Bob’s for sure. Beware when you bite it as it may contain some tiny bones which is quite common in […]

  16. […] than the pork chop as it was more tender and juicy than the former. It was more delicious than Uncle Bob’s for sure. Beware when you bite it as it may contain some tiny bones which are quite common in […]

  17. […] the pork chop as it was more tender and juicy than the former. It was more delicious than Uncle Bob’s for sure. Beware when you bite it as it may contain some tiny bones which are quite common in […]

  18. […] than the pork chop as it was more tender and juicy than the former. It was more delicious than Uncle Bob’s for sure. Beware when you bite it as it may contain some tiny bones which are quite common in […]

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