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Posted by Criz Lai On October - 7 - 2008|

(Warning: Long pictorial below)

Barely few hours ago was the bon voyage of the Nine Emperor Gods’ spirits to heaven from earth. It was also the birthday of Tao Bo Hood (also known as Tou Mu, Ma Zu, Matsu, Da Mao, Tian Hou), the mother of the Nine Emperor Gods. She is the Chinese form of Buddhist Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, sometimes known as the Thousand-Hand Guan Yin. Apart from praying with lots of Mee Koo (Turtle Shaped Buns) and fruits, I was also treated with a sit down vegetarian lunch.

This was one of the most enjoyable vegetarian meals I have been waiting for each year on the last day of the celebration. Who could resist all the home cooked dishes by the experienced aunties? Moreover, there were more than 20 types of yummy vegetarian dishes at any one time, even more than the plates of rice on the table. LOL! There were also over 10 kinds of local Nyonya delicacies and free flow of thick black local coffee and Chinese tea.


Without fail, I would always seek the advice of the chef on how to cook his vegetarian bee hoon (rice vermicelli) properly. Although he had shared his recipe with me years ago, I just could not get the taste as nice as the way he cooks it. The recipe only consists of bee hoon, shredded carrots, cabbages, sliced mushroom, fermented soy beans and red fermented bean curds. It’s so simple and yet so hard to cook. Sweat~


The dishes that I had there were all magnificent. Just to share with you some of the many dishes below:













Towards the end of the day, I took some photos of the Nine Emperor Gods procession together with Allen and Steven. Nothing much to brag about as the whole event went by so fast.




The interesting things I have noticed were only the long Thaipusam-like skewers piercing through the cheeks of some of the devotees in trance.


  1. Christy says:

    OH MY….that’s a lot lot of food your aunts cooked!!!
    And they looked so delicious too:D
    You must be one happy vegetarian yesterday…heheh;)

    And you managed to capture the float? I couldn’t, there were too many people and mine came out blur…I was there earlier at Burma Road about 7 sth, and I couldn’t manage to take any pic without anyone blocking me…sighs:p

  2. Steven Goh says:

    wah…. so many foods is like the offering to the god. Usually only in CNY only I will have so much of food to eat only. So lucky u to have this good auntie.

  3. Tummythoz says:

    Wow you sure have a lucky tummy. Those vegetarian dishes are definitely not easy to make. Drools.

  4. Pete says:

    My friend just told me that she had vegan perut in ikan in Penang. Wow, I missed perut ikan lorr. Wonder hows the vegan version taste like.?

  5. samyeap says:

    wow..that is a lot of vege foods on table!

  6. J2Kfm says:

    vegetarian croutons?! haha …
    and perut ikan and char siew. wow … good spread.

  7. allenooi says:

    u never post all the vegetarian food ar? your aunties very hor liao. just from the photos, can feel that the food are delicious.

    steven, u are wrong. even cny, i also never have more than 20 dishes on the table.

    finally i can leave comment by using allenooi. 🙂

  8. lingzie says:

    wah the beef rendang looks like real beef!! although already eat dinner…now get hungry again! lol

  9. Tau Sar Phneah says:

    hey criz, thanks for dropping by my place..the vegetarian dishes really make me drooling le…i missed the celebration for 3 years already..and, interesting video of the procession with medium piercing through their cheeks..

    TauSarPhneah 🙂

  10. ling239 says:

    u made all the vegetarian food looks so good…^_^

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