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Posted by Criz Lai On December - 4 - 2008|

Welcome to the all new CRIZ BON APPETITE. Thank you for all your supports that have made what the site is today. Do enjoy browsing through the more user-friendly features here to find out what’s the best in town. More new reviews and recipes will be up in no time.


Wishing everyone a prosperous year ahead!


  1. Great looking site!!
    Wishing you great luck with all new future food reviews!! 🙂

    Watch ur belly though! 😛

    Aiks… oh oh.. thanks for reminding. I almost couldn’t see my toe line now. 😛 Thanks for the wishes Elaine 🙂

  2. satkuru says:

    wow, so it’s finally up and running 😀

    all the better for me. easier to check up on the new places that are springing like mushrooms all over penang 😛

    speaking of food, i am hungry at this odd hour @_@ i shall go hunt for food 😛

    That’s the purpose of my food blog – to show the world what’s the best in town. 🙂

  3. I would thought that I will be the first to leave the comment 🙁 sad. Anyway, the theme is very nice and neat. I love the layout of you putting the latest post pictures on top. I think you still need to touch up a bit on the arrangement of categories on the right hand panel and also I find that your new site also firefox friendly but not IE. Using firefox the loading time is 2min++. Hope to see an enhancement of this great Bon Appetite site 🙂

    I had looked into all the details. Sometimes, I think our connection had something to do with it too. IE worked well for me here. 🙂

  4. Little Inbox says:

    Congratulations! Already change the link to your new site.

    Thanks. I hope to see you more here.. haha 😛

  5. gill gill says:

    Congratulate & finally….heee

    Thanks Gill & Jason. 🙂

  6. allie says:

    Very nice new layout! You got yourself a new platform. Congrats!

    Thanks Allie. 🙂

  7. ck lam says:

    Congrats on the launching of your new url. Cool layout… I think it would look much better if you do some adjustments to the recommendations (pic column) on the right hand side….it looks kind of crowded.

    Will look into that CK. Thanks for the wishes 🙂

  8. papajoneh says:

    Congrats on the official launching of this mega food info blog. When comes to Food blog, yours is the best.

    I know, and I guess you know too that there are still few tweaks needed to be perfect, as perfectionist you are but I also believe you can achieve it in the soonest possible time … after the compulsory sleep.

    So nothing left to say, all the best and may the future brighter now with the launch of this Dot Com. You go Criz!

    Thanks PapaJoneh. It’s always great to have your support as well as from your Sabahan friends 🙂

  9. PenangTuaPui says:

    congratulation to have new house and new address..

    hope to get more and more food shared…..

    I will PTP. I love sharing… so is the food bills.. LOL!

  10. Duckie says:


    Thanks Jane 🙂

  11. CazzyCazz says:

    Whooaa, your blog lives in a ‘Ang Mor Lao’ now!! NICE! 😛

    Thanks.. but I don’t have rooms left to rent out.. haha 😛

  12. lingzie says:

    hey congratulations!! nice new layout too! 🙂

    the photo of the ‘tou’ is very appropriate! wish you lots of luck, health and wealth!

    Thanks Lingzie 🙂

  13. NKOTB says:

    congratulations!!! I guess am the last to update the link! 😛

    No you are not. There are still many who are not aware that I had shifted to this new domain. 🙂

  14. […] guessed I might just have to disclose that there was actually a private function during the launching of my food blog on the 4 December 2008. Attendees – two! Some might get the hint from my statement on […]

  15. buzzingbee says:

    Hope it’s still not too late to say Congratulations!!!
    New virtual home….looks good. 😀

    Thanks anyway. 🙂 It’s better late than never. 😛

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